A-Z Auto Radiator & Air Conditioning - Auto Repairs - Trenton, NJ

Don't let you or your vehicle freeze.

Stay safe and warm with A-Z Auto Radiator & AC's system cleaning and repairs.

Our state of the art cooling system flushing using proprietary, self designed cleaning machine  is used to inexpensively clean and repair your heating and cooling systems. 

Save money on coil repair.

When your heat exchange coil repair breaks down or leaks, we will repair the damage with silver soldering. This will save you a lot of money and we will also clean and test your coils to avoid any future problems.

Your vehicle deserves our expertise.

  • Fuel tank cleaning and repair
  • Industrial heat exchange coil cleaning and repair
  • Industrial and commercial radiators
  • Marine heat exchange manifolds
  • Antifreeze issues
  • Commercial and marine

Quality and experience you can depend on. Call 609-394-3722 today.

Auto Heaters - Trenton, NJ - A-Z Auto Radiator & Air Conditioning

Quality hoses and lines
We manufacture them ourselves

Save on expensive parts
We supply directly from manufacturer 
to eliminate middleman

1788 Calhoun St.

Over 70 years experience
Open since 1945


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